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李嘉明心學 - 傳統與現代的藝術融合

Ka Ming’s Inaugural Theory - The Fusion of Tradition and Modern Art



In today's rapidly changing world, the fusion of art and technology is creating unprecedented fields of innovation. "Ka Ming’s Inaugural Theory" is an outstanding representation of this phenomenon, being not just an art exhibition but also a profound exploration of the integration of culture and technology.


Traditional Roots: Oracle Bone Script and Shan Hai Jing


The core of "Ka Ming’s Inaugural Theory" lies in its modern interpretation of ancient Chinese culture. The exhibition pays special attention to the oracle bone script and the totems from "Shan Hai Jing," which are vital elements of traditional Chinese wisdom. The oracle bone script, as the origin of ancient Chinese characters, carries deep historical and cultural value, while "Shan Hai Jing," known for its rich mythology and symbolic significance, stands as a treasure in the Chinese cultural heritage.


Modern Touch: The Combination of Art and Artificial Intelligence


"Ka Ming’s Inaugural Theory" goes beyond merely displaying traditional culture; it injects new vitality into this culture through its combination with modern technology. The use of artificial intelligence technology not only showcases cultural heritage but also opens up possibilities for innovation. Through the fusion of art and technology, "Ka Ming’s Inaugural Theory" presents a new, dynamic way of cultural expression.


Cultural Heritage and Innovation


While respecting and inheriting tradition, "Ka Ming’s Inaugural Theory" also dares to explore and practice. It attempts to answer a crucial question: How can we innovate and develop upon the foundation of respecting tradition? This question is significant not only for the art world but for society as a whole.


Cultural Heritage and Innovation


This is a discussion about how culture, art, and technology can progress together. It shows us that cultural heritage is not static but a constantly developing and changing process. In the future, we look forward to seeing more attempts like this, which will be crucial forces in advancing our society and culture. Attempts like "Ka Ming’s Inaugural Theory" will be important in driving our society and culture forward.

Author Bio
​Irene Lee Ka Ming



Irene Lee Ka Ming is a dynamic professional who uniquely blends the wisdom of Chinese and English literature with deep insights from ancient Chinese traditions and the innovative realms of fintech compliance. Her journey is rooted in a profound understanding of "The Book of Change" and Chinese Astrology, as well as in the refined practices of ancient Chinese arts including calligraphy, painting, and pipa. This rich background has honed her perspective, enabling her to bring a fresh and strategic viewpoint to the financial sector, particularly in regulatory technology.


Currently serving as a Board Member of the Hong Kong Fintech Association, Irene boasts over 16 years of experience in financial compliance, spanning insurance, private, and commercial banking. Her liberal arts background serves as a cornerstone for her approach, driving regulatory technology advancements in the financial sector. She is known for her innovative application of strategic principles to foresee regulatory changes, thus offering invaluable foresight and fresh perspectives within the industry.


Irene is particularly active in promoting digitization and regulatory tech innovation. She advocates leveraging a liberal arts training to enhance critical thinking and communication skills, principles she believes are vital for navigating the evolving landscapes of fintech and regulatory compliance. Her unique fusion of classical wisdom and modern technological acumen makes her a standout figure in the industry, driving change and innovation.

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