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The Oracle Bone Script and the I Ching share a profound connection, spanning across areas such as script, symbolism, philosophy, and religion. Key facets of the relationship between the Oracle Bone Script and the I Ching include:


Similarity in Script and Symbols: Some characters and symbols in the Oracle Bone Script bear resemblances to symbols in the hexagrams of the I Ching. This includes iconic symbols like "Qian" and "Kun," which possess specific meanings in both the Oracle Bone Script and I Ching. Such similarities suggest that the Oracle Bone Script might have provided some foundational basis for the formation of the hexagrams in the I Ching.


Religious Rituals and Mystical Beliefs: The Oracle Bone Script records ancient Chinese religious rituals, divination, and mystical beliefs. These rituals often involve references to deities, sacrificial ceremonies, and cosmic powers, resonating with the I Ching's exploration of cosmic concepts, the balance of Yin and Yang, and natural forces. Hexagrams in the I Ching were also used for divination rituals, further emphasizing the bond between religious ceremonies and hexagrams.


Philosophy and Cosmology: The I Ching is not merely a book of divination; it embodies profound philosophical insights regarding cosmic concepts, moral ethics, and the relationship between humans and nature. These themes relate to some records and symbols in the Oracle Bone Script, and together, they constitute a portion of ancient Chinese wisdom.


Cultural Heritage: As one of the earliest forms of Chinese characters, the Oracle Bone Script laid the groundwork for the evolution of subsequent scripts. The characters and hexagrams in the I Ching also encapsulate ancient wisdom and philosophical thoughts. This cultural inheritance is linked to the Oracle Bone Script, forming a part of China's cultural tradition.

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The Mysterious Relationship Between Oracle Bone Script and I Ching

易經之謎 - 現代解讀

Enigma of I-Ching - Modern Interpretation


Immerse yourself in the profound insights of I-Ching hexagrams, where ancient divination converges with revolutionary interpretation


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