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智慧之巔 - 人工智能

Pinnacle of Wisdom - Artificial Intelligence

《家族治理的背後 - 守護神獸傳說》

Behind Family Governance - Guardian Beast Legends


I often receive inquiries from friends about creating a harmonious and auspicious atmosphere, which reminds me of the story of the "Lion Rolling the Embroidered Ball."


The lion, known as the king of beasts, has a fierce and majestic appearance. In Buddhist tradition, it serves as the mount of Manjusri Bodhisattva and plays various roles in traditional Chinese culture, such as protection, warding off negative energy, and harmonizing. This signifies its significant status.


Some friends ask me, "Lions look so fierce, so why are there pairs of lion stone or bronze statues in front of many buildings and large residences? Aren't they afraid of creating negative energy for themselves or others?"


That's a good question! Lions are inherently powerful animals, and if used improperly, they can indeed create negative energy and disrupt the natural Feng Shui harmony.


So, there are specific rules for placing lion statues. They must appear in pairs, with symmetry, one male and one female. Typically, they are arranged with the male on the left and the female on the right, following the traditional Chinese philosophy of male on the left and female on the right in the concept of yin and yang.


However, the most important aspect is not just following these rules. If a specific item is missing, lions might lose control and become wild beasts, harming themselves and others.


The other side of party affected by the lion's negative energy will try various means, using other talismans or fierce creatures to counteract it, known as "dispelling the negative energy." This conflict can become an endless cycle, creating more harm than good.


There's a saying, "Lion fights the negative energy, the embroidered ball comes to transform." It's also said, "Lion rolls the embroidered ball, and good fortune follows." Lion statues often have one of their paws placed on an embroidered ball or show them playing with the ball. This symbolizes "calling in the form" and "comparing and taking on the form," creating an auspicious effect.


Lions enjoy playing with balls, and a small embroidered ball can instantly transform a fierce lion into a symbol of harmony and auspiciousness. This explains why lions can both guard homes and symbolize harmony and good fortune.


Family offices sometimes face challenges and difficulties. If personnel management is not handled properly and the internal governance and structure are unclear, internal conflicts can arise, just like lions fighting the negative energy.


Just as lions need the embroidered ball to transform their fierce nature into auspiciousness, family offices need an internal element to resolve crises. This internal element can be trust among family members, shared values, or a common vision.


The embroidered ball symbolizes harmony and balance. In a family office, harmony can be achieved through effective communication and decision-making. Just as lions must appear in pairs with left-right symmetry, family offices need collaboration among all parties. Effective communication, cooperation between different members, and the adoption of new strategies and ways of thinking are essential.


If a family office lacks these key elements, problems can become more complicated, just like a lion losing control and disrupting the family's harmony.


The story of the lion rolling the embroidered ball tells us that crises can be the beginning of transformation.


When facing problems, family offices should see the opportunities hidden within crises, just as lions transform into auspicious figures when playing with embroidered balls. Through deep thinking and appropriate strategies, family offices can turn crises into opportunities, achieving internal harmony and prosperity, and turning conflicts into harmony and peace.



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