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2/21「龍抬頭」 做事旺財,出人頭地







February 21 is the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar, in addition to the birthday of the God of Earth, is also the day of the "dragon head", you can seize the time to go to the God of Earth temple near your home to ask for money; another traditional custom is that a haircut on this day will make people lucky, symbolizing the ability to get ahead, so the proverb says "February 2, shave the dragon's head, the year has the spirit of head".

The second day of the second month of the lunar calendar, also known as "dragon head", is one of the traditional festivals, the legend says that the god in charge of rainfall in the sky, the Dragon King raised his head, representing the increase in rainfall in the future, conducive to spring farming; another theory is that the Dragon King because he misses his lost daughter, so always on this day from the bottom of the sea, looking in the direction of his lost daughter, to send thoughts.

This day is an auspicious day to attract wealth and boost financial fortunes, known as 'Dragon Raises its Head'. Simply place a small round container on the wealth position in the living room or office between 7 am to 12 pm, fill it with 12 coins from any country to symbolize money coming from all directions, and pour tap water into the container while visualizing the God of the Land, in order to invite wealth into the home.

Eating certain foods on this day can also bring good luck, such as spring rolls, noodles, rice, wontons, and dumplings, which are all named after dragon body parts, such as Dragon Scales, Dragon Whiskers, Dragon Seeds, Dragon Eyes, and Dragon Ears.

People believe that eating dragon-related foods on this day will bring the power of the dragon for the whole year, and these customs are meant to awaken the Dragon King and ask for his blessing for good weather and bountiful harvests for the farmers. Additionally, people can eat popcorn on this day, which is considered a good omen as the golden corn pops open when heated, resembling blooming flowers.

Traditionally, people also believe that getting a haircut on this day will bring good luck and prosperity, symbolizing standing out among one's peers. This is why there is a saying: 'Getting a dragon haircut on the second day of the second lunar month gives you a head start for the whole year.' As a result, barber shops are always bustling with customers on this day.


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