Volunteer Centres of Waterloo-Wellington Regions Proud to Announce Regional Training Service’s First Full Workshop Series


The Waterloo Wellington Learning Alliance (WWLA), a program of the Volunteer Centres of Cambridge, Guelph-Wellington, and Kitchener Waterloo & Area, is pleased to announce its first full workshop series, kicking off on September 27th with a workshop on the range of Google Tools for Nonprofits called Google Me This...

“The Waterloo Wellington Learning Alliance is a demonstration of how much stronger services can be through generating and maintaining collaborations and partnerships,” stated Jane Hennig on behalf of the WWLA’s steering committee. “We look forward to building upon this foundational series.”

As the formal launch for the Waterloo Wellington Learning Alliance, this year’s calendar features four sessions on technology supports for the community benefit sector developed in partnership with the staff of Google’s offices in Kitchener. New, cross-sector partnerships for this workshop series are an exciting opportunity that will continue to be developed as a result of access to a broader audience.

All those who work or volunteer in Waterloo or Wellington Regions are welcome to explore the training opportunities offered by the Learning Alliance by accessing our new website at www.learningalliance.ca. The Waterloo Wellington Learning Alliance’s website may also be accessed from each of the partner Volunteer Centres’ websites.