Volunteer Recruitment, Screening & Placement

Try out the second workshop from our popular Shifting to Engagement series. It is recommended for anyone who works with volunteers, novice or expert, and is $35. 

The current volunteer landscape is shifting from position-focused, to people-focused, and a management approach is no longer a fully effective way to deal with volunteers. Recruiting volunteers is one of the biggest challenges for non-profit organizations, so we need to know what motivates the volunteers of today to give their time. This workshop will help you begin the work of developing the most effective plan for not just recruiting volunteers, but engaging them. It’s about looking at recruitment from two perspectives; not only focusing on what the organization needs volunteers to do (which is very important) but also how individual volunteers can play a unique role in your organization. We will also look at what organizations need to do to make sure volunteers and staff are safe, secure and satisfied during their time spent at your organization.

Please Note: Volunteer Recruitment, Screening & Placement is the second lesson in the Shifting to Engagement series.

About the Creators: The training was created by the Waterloo-Wellington Learning Alliance staff. Joanna Michalski, Member Services and Volunteer Resources Coordinator at the Volunteer Action Centre of KW and Area, wrote and curated the content. Chantal Vallis, Volunteer & Membership Services Coordinator at the Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington, narrates the series.

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