Volunteer Program Evaluation

This course on Volunteer Program Evaluation presents the basics and frameworks for creating your own evaluation to answers questions about your volunteer program. As a special bonus, included with access to this course is a review of your program evaluation plan by the Volunteer Toronto team! Complete all the modules and fill out the included program evaluation plan template and we’ll provide feedback on your proposal! 

Course length: Approximately 1 hour plus time required for completing program evaluation plan template.

Lesson 1 – What is Program Evaluation?

Learn about program evaluations and how they can help you improve your volunteer program. Answer some questions to get yourself started and learn about the three types of evaluations we’ll talk about in this course.

Lesson 2 – Logic Models, Theory of Change & SMART Outcomes

To get you started on planning your own program evaluation, this lesson talks about using “Theory of Change” to reach your goals – as well as building a logic model to plan out your process. Plus, learn how to make your desired outcomes “SMART.”

Lesson 3 – Collecting Data

You need data to answer your questions – what types of data are you looking for? How do you collect it? Which method of collection works best? Learn about data in all its forms to help inform your program evaluation process.

Lesson 4 – Understanding Data & Interpreting Results

You’ve created your program evaluation question, built a logic model, ensured SMART outcomes and collected data – now what does it all mean? This lesson goes in-depth into deciphering and interpreting the data you’ve collected to find meaningful results and help make lasting change in your volunteer program. What are you waiting for? Get started today!