Supporting Volunteers: Motivation, Mentorship, Management

This course on Supporting Volunteers explores volunteer motivations, creating mentorship programs for your volunteers, establishing and maintaining volunteer boundaries and managing poor performance, including dismissing volunteers. This in-depth course provides a wealth of knowledge, promising practices and techniques for enhancing motivations and managing volunteer performance.

Course length: Approximately two hours.

Part One – Motivation & Mentorship

Understand what brings volunteers to your organization, what keeps them engaged and how mentorship can help.

Lesson 1 – What Volunteers Want

Explore the various motivations that bring volunteers to your organization, how they can change over time and how you can ensure their motivations are being met.

Lesson 2 – Understanding & Enhancing Motivations

Learn more about motivation enhancers to improve volunteer performance – and the motivation crushers to avoid.

Lesson 3 – Mentorship

Create a volunteer mentorship program to increase impact, improve motivations and grow your volunteer program.

Part Two – Boundaries & Performance Management

Create great boundaries, understand why they might be broken and follow the steps to improve volunteer performance.

Lesson 1 – Creating – and Maintaining – Volunteer Boundaries

What kinds of boundaries exist? Who do they affect? Create meaningful boundaries for volunteers based on risk assessments and more.

Lesson 2 – Crossing the Line

Explore the various reasons why volunteers might break boundaries – and how to prevent violations in the future.

Lesson 3 – Performance Management & Firing Volunteers

Learn how to coach volunteers to better performance, explore alternatives to dismissing volunteers and understand the right steps for firing volunteers.