Legislation Related to Volunteers

Experience all 7 online lessons with details about privacy legislation, human rights, workplace violence and harassment, accessibility and much more! This online course features the latest changes to the Occupational Health & Safety Act, new definitions throughout Ontario law and upcoming deadlines for the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Course length: Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Lesson 1 – Introduction & Labour Law

Find out more about the legislation covered in this course and understand the distinction between the Employment Standards Act and labour law related to volunteers.

Lesson 2 – Privacy & Information

Are you keeping your volunteer’s personal information safe? Learn about the laws at play when collecting, storing and destroying personal data.

Lesson 3 – Human Rights: Codes & Commissions

Learn about the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Canadian Human Rights Act and the government Commissions ensuring equality for volunteers.

Lesson 4 – Occupational Health & Safety and Workplace Violence & Harassment

Did you know that the Occupational Health & Safety Act covers everyone in your workplace, including volunteers? Learn how to ensure your workplace is safe and free from violence and harassment for all volunteers, staff and clients.

Lesson 5 – Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

AODA is reshaping Ontario into an accessible province for all by 2025 – is your organization engaging volunteers in an accessible way? Learn about the Act, your reporting requirements and how to ensure compliance.

Lesson 6 – Other Legislation Part One & Lesson 7 – Other Legislation Part Two

Learn about the other legislation that ensures you are recruiting, engaging and working with volunteers while being fully compliant of the law, including unpaid internships and board members.