Improving Recruitment & Retention Strategies

This course on Improving Recruitment & Retention Strategies explores advanced volunteer management techniques to increase the effectiveness and impact of your volunteer program. This in-depth online course provides a wealth of knowledge and new thinking on recruiting and retaining volunteers.

Course length: Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Part One – Rethinking Recruitment

Understand the traditional recruitment methods and learn more about recruiting for specific audiences.

Lesson 1 – The Recruitment Process

Explore the “traditional” recruitment process and see how your recruitment techniques stack up. Also learn about ways to rethink and reframe recruitment to better serve your volunteers and community.

Lesson 2 – Promotion Tools & Audiences

Learn more about a variety of recruitment promotion tools – from social media to grassroots methods – and explore the best ways to recruit for your intended audience.

Lesson 3 – Targeted Recruiting

Choose an audience to learn about best practices in recruitment messaging and more, covering: Youth, Seniors & Boomers, Newcomers, High-Skilled Volunteers and Families & Groups.

Part Two – Rethinking Retention

What are you reporting? Explore the relationship between retention and attrition and discover new retention practices.

Lesson 1 – Reframing Retention & Attrition

What does retention and attrition mean? And more importantly, what do they mean to you and your organization? Find new ways to understand retention and learn how some reporting doesn’t show the whole picture.

Lesson 2 – Succession Planning & Maintaining Relationships

Two great retention alternatives: Succession planning explores the need to prepare for gaps in your volunteer workforce while maintaining relationships can help you build lasting relationships with your volunteer community to minimize attrition.

Lesson 3 – High-Skilled Volunteers & Transitions

Two more retention alternatives: Learn about connecting with high-skilled volunteers for high-impact, time-limited projects and discover ways to guide volunteer transitions from occasional to short-term to long-term, meaningful roles.