Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

Experience all 16 online lessons which cover each of the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement’s values, guiding principles and standards in detail! This online course features the most recent version of the Code (2012) and recent trends in the volunteer management sector. Take the course in any order and complete the lessons most relevant to you!

Course length: Approximately 3 hours with all lessons and quizzes combined.

There will be a number of exercises throughout the course, follow along by downloading the CCVI Workbook here!

Lesson 1 – Introduction

What is the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement? Where did it come from and when was it written? Our guide Paperguy will walk you through the creation and implementation of the Code and help you understand why it’s important to work towards a professional practice in volunteer management.

Part One – The Volunteer Program

Includes: Standard 1 – The Mission Based Approach, Standard 2 – Human Resources, Standard 3 – Policies & Procedures and Standard 4 – Volunteer Administration

Part Two – Planning Volunteer Roles

Includes: Standard 5 – Risk Management & Quality Assurance and Standard 6 – Volunteer Roles

Part Three – Getting Volunteers on Board

Includes: Standard 7 – Recruitment, Standard 8 – Screening and Standard 9 – Orientation & Training

Part Four – Working with Volunteers

Includes: Standard 10 – Support & Supervision, Standard 11 – Records Management, Standard 12 – Technology, Standard 13 – Recognition and Standard 14 – Evaluation

Lesson 16 – Conclusion: Adopting the Code

After learning about all the pieces of the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement, Paperguy will guide you through he adoption process and get your organization more volunteer-ready than ever!