10 Steps of Screening

This course on the 10 Steps of Screening explores the necessity of a well-planned screening process to ensure the selection of great volunteers who can do their role safely and effectively. From risk management to feedback on the screening process and everything in between, the 5 easy-to-use pre-recorded online learning modules will guide you through the steps and make your screening process better than ever. Purchase access now and use the course for one full year! Includes a variety of interactive scenarios and activities and direct links to the Screening Handbook.

Course length: Approximately one hour and forty-five minutes.

Lesson 1 – Understanding Screening

Learn why the 10 Steps of Screening exist and how they can help you create safe & effective programs, while also eliminating barriers and maintaining quality of service.

Lesson 2 – Planning for the Screening Process

Starting with your risk assessment, create position descriptions that clearly outline the requirements of the role and implement a recruitment plan that takes these risks into account.

Lesson 3 – What to Look For

With application forms and interviews, ask the right questions relevant to the role and collect only the information you need to make an informed decision.

Lesson 4 – After the Interview

References can take many forms, from personal relationships and former managers to police checks to verify the right fit; learn how references factor into your screening process.

Lesson 5 – Ongoing Screening

Screening doesn’t end after you’ve offered the role: see how orientation & training, support & supervision and follow-up & feedback factor into ongoing screening.