How do I write a recruitment message for a volunteer position?

What are some good practices for creating recruitment advertising messages?

Your recruitment messages are one of the first ways that you make contact with prospective volunteers, so making them sound inviting and expressing the benefits of volunteering with your organization is important. Additionally, it is also another place to indicate that your organization welcomes volunteers by offering to make accommodations as necessary. Try these tips on your existing recruitment ads:

  1. Write directly to the reader. This adds a friendly tone and is easier to understand.
  2. Use simple and complete sentences with plain language, and avoid point form and slang (informal and colloquial language). This makes for easier reading by those who do not speak English well, do not read well, or have limited vision.
  3. Use a positive tone.
  4. Avoid or explain jargon and abbreviations (what could be internal language as understood by those already part of the organization). This will expand the reader’s understanding.
  5. Simplify contexts. It isn’t necessary to list all the titles of the people the volunteer will be working with, so consider substituting these titles in the interest of length and relevance.
  6. List tasks or position instructions in the order that they are carried out.
  7. Try to refer to one position per ad. The ad should highlight one position. Consider adding information about how to learn more about volunteering with this organization by making a connection back to the advertised volunteer position.